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What is bookmarking ? Social bookmarking and sharing websites allow you to keep links to your favourite articles and web pages in one central place on the internet, and share them with friends or people with similar interests.

How will bookmarking benefit you ? LeaderPage.com is about promoting you and other people who use it in order to get your message across to a large online audience. For example, if someone has found a page created by you that is really helpful and think they might want to read it again, adding it to their social bookmarking account means they'll be able to find it easily. And, it means it can be shared with others who might also benefit from it.

Where do I start ? Create your free leaderpage webpage and then bookmark (save a link) of it in your bookmarking service so that your message gets double the exposure. You will find a social bookmarking button to click at the bottom of your new page which looks like this:

Examples of bookmarking websites :

Stumble Upon | Del.icio.us | Twitter | bebo | Newsvine | Digg | Xanga | Reddit | Google Bookmarks | Yahoo MyWeb speeds | MySpace | Gamesnetworks | Technorati | Yahoo Bookmarks Facebook | Blogmarks | Baidu | LiveJournal

All of these sites are free to use but do require you to register. Once you have registered you can begin bookmarking. Each of the sites works slightly differently so, choose the service that best suits your needs.

On this website you will find social bookmarking button links at the bottom of all web pages. The bookmarking sites refered to there allow you to store, tag and share links across the internet. You can also access your bookmarks from any computer you happen to be using. If you find interesting content and want to save for future reference or share it with other people in your social network, simply click on one of these links to add to your list.

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