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Despite predictions, eBay is not benefiting from the recession. Its marketplace business posted a 16 percent decline in the last three months of 2008 and faces tough competition from This is linked to the discretionary nature of much of its sellers’ inventory. To consumers, Amazon seems like a less risky place to shop. Lawsuits from luxury brands, which cost eBay US $32 million to settle, have cemented its image as a channel that could benefi t from more regulation, as opposed to a managed retail environment. Still, it remains the most popular option in the start up B2B world to get wide distribution at a low price with high visibility.
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11 August 2010


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Halo, Lisa here


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Hi i need to locate a man Julius Aminiu surname i am not sure of he moved from Wexford to Waterford . . read more

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on 5 September 2011

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