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Wrigley feedback

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Wrigley has seen most of its growth come from foreign markets, with more than 60 percent of sales coming from outside of the U.S. Orbit varieties are on a continuous flavor rollout, with new flavors added or cut each year based on consumer feedback and buying power. This year, Wrigley has embraced the fruit flavored gum trend, working to introduce a new line of its signature Extra brand along with the launch of Orbit Mist. It also continues to promote its brands as part of a healthy lifestyle, with a website feature section called “Benefits of Chewing.” Under the new ownership of the Mars umbrella of brands, Wrigley will take on the non-chocolate confectionary brands, including Skittles, Starburst, Tunes, Lockets, Rondo, Kenman, Swinkles, and Lucas.

11 August 2010


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on 1 April 2009

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