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University of Bedfordshire feedback

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The University of Bedfordshire has an excellent academic reputation. Recently runner-up for the prestigious title of University of the Year in the Times Higher Education awards 2007, the University of Bedfordshire has also been placed third in the country for Media courses and 12th for Sport (Guardian 2007).

The University^s Tuition Fees Policy contains the terms and conditions and arrangements for paying fees, refunds and administrative charges. All students should read and understand this policy before accepting a place at the University.


Fantastic Bursaries and Scholarships Up to 4,262 available
Most UK/EU students that are starting full-time degree courses will be able to receive up to 4,262, and at the very least every student can receive 319.

Luton campus,
Park Square,
LU1 3JU,

2 February 2011


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on 27 March 2009

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