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Toyota feedback

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In 2008, Toyota saw its first loss in 70 years due to the difficult economic situation. Net revenues decreased about 21 percent and vehicle sales dropped about 15 percent. Even sales of its bestselling hybrid Prius model slowed down when fuel prices moderated after the record highs of the summer. There is even talk that the company may create a separate brand for its Prius, adding larger and smaller models to the line up. The brand would be similar to Toyota’s low-priced Scion and would only be off ered in the U.S., where the company did not create a brand around its “Hybrid Synergy Drive“ system. Toyota continues to develop its long-term value, however, building on its existing green credentials, announcing plans to create eco-friendly showrooms. By 2011 it expects to have 100 “green“ dealerships, where most parts of the buildings are made of renewable primary products.

11 August 2010


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on 31 July 2013

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