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Roehampton University feedback

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Roehampton is one of the newest universities in the UK, established in 2004. Through its four Colleges which have come together to found the University, it has a proud and distinguished history dating back to the 1840s, particularly in the field of Childhood Studies and Education.

It has expertise in the arts and humanities, social sciences and the human and life sciences, at the same time as maintaining its historic strength in education.

Business and Social Sciences
Human and Life Sciences
Graduate School

Digby Stuart

We offer a range of taught degrees at undergraduate and postgraduate (including MBA) levels, as well as the opportunity to study for higher level research degrees.

We offer generous scholarships worth 3,000 and bursaries worth 1,500 to eligible undergraduate students.

Erasmus House,
Roehampton Lane,
SW15 5PU

2 February 2011


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