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Panasonic feedback

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Despite harrowing market conditions and a high yen contributing to a net loss of US $4 billion for fiscal 2009, Panasonic looks positioned to emerge strongly when the economy turns. 2008 saw the company gain access to advanced battery and solar technologies in acquiring a majority stake in rival Sanyo (it’s currently unclear whether the Sanyo brand will be subsumed into Panasonic’s) and consolidate its National range under the Panasonic brand. Panasonic also enhanced its product eco-credentials captured by the internationally renowned “eco ideas” strategy and recognized by the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations project. Panasonic continues to pursue strategies targeting the new middle classes in emerging markets and infrastructural technologies in a bid to fend off lower-cost competition.
Consumer Electronics

11 August 2010


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on 23 April 2016

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