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Online community merger feedback

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We recently made the decision to merge the two websites and Over the last few years both websites have served a number of charities, community groups and organisatons by allowing members of these groups to share ideas for success.

The reasons for the Online community merger are

1 - To allow up to focus our energy and resources in one platform without losing focus and stay relevant to user demands.

2 - To help us find ways to keep the platform free by finding new ways to generate income so that members can benefit from the increased user base and economies of scale.

3 - Listen to members suggestions. We have members wo have used both platforms and suggested that the two should merge so that all their information can be in one place.

We will continue to listen to your suggestions and implement the changes as and when required. For now please log in and continue to use the platform as always.

Thank you for your support
Volunteering lead team
A member run platform
All content is from our members

25 March 2016


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Halo, Lisa here


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on 18 April 2016

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