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Nonsuch High School for Girls is a grammar school for 1220 girls aged between 11 and 19 years. Opened in May 1938 and standing in 22 acres of beautiful grounds on the edge of Nonsuch Park, we aim to provide a caring, happy and stimulating environment in which pupils may attain the highest levels of academic and personal achievement which their abilities will allow.

On entry, all pupils follow the national curriculum including two foreign language (German, French, Latin or Spanish). The range of subjects taken for GCSE is broadened by the opportunity to continue with a second language, to study the separate sciences and to choose an appropriate Technology course. Initially, pupils are taught in forms, with smaller groups for practical subjects. Later, setting allows for the different rates of progress of individual pupils.

The majority of pupils continue their studies in the large Sixth Form for which external candidates may apply. Courses may be chosen from 27 subjects. Core studies and seminar work lead to an additional A level in Critical Thinking. Candidates are prepared for Oxbridge entry where appropriate, and most students proceed to higher education or professional training.
state, girls, school, Sutton

Nonsuch High School for Girls,
Ewell Road,

13 September 2010


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