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Mouchel plans, designs, constructs, maintains and operates the physical and administrative infrastructure that underpins modern society; infrastructure ranging from roads and railways, through water and energy, to local government property, schools and back-office support functions.

Mouchel is a consulting and business services group that provides many of the design, managerial and engineering services that support modern society.

Mouchel was awarded ^Top 20 Best Big Company to Work For^ status in March 2008 in the annual Sunday Times rankings. In March 2008 it also achieved Two Star accreditation from awarding body Best Companies for an outstanding level of employee engagement across the company.

Mouchel Group was established in 2003 as the result of a merger between two successful engineering firms, Mouchel and Parkman.

Parkman was established in 1888, Mouchel in 1897. Both companies quickly developed as multi-disciplinary consulting engineers, establishing pre-eminent positions in water, public health, power, highways and structural engineering.
Consulting, business services

Ground Floor
No 4 Yukon Court
Yukon Road
London SW12 9PU
SW12 9PU

26 August 2010


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on 24 June 2010

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