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The Holy Rosary Sisters following the injunction – "Go make disciples of all nations…" through their cross-cultural mission are always looking for new ways in which to find and nurture the seed that is Christ in every culture.?We call on you to be collaborators with us in carrying out this mission in the following ways:??Be an associate member of the Holy Rosary Family and share your gifts, talents, professions in planning and accomplishing our mission. ?If you are a past Holy Rosary Student become a fully registered member of Holy Rosary Old Girls Association ?Covenant or pledge a percentage of your earning each year for mission. ?Sponsor a sister in initial and on-going formation and education program. ?Support Holy Rosary Retreat and Conference Center, Nsukks, Nigeria. ?Support our Leadership Training Program for gender awareness and justice for women.

3 December 2009


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Halo, Lisa here


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