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Cushman & Wakefield LLP feedback

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Cushman & Wakefield is a leading global commercial property consultant in the UK operating from offices in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Thames Valley, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

In 2007/2008, across the UK our capital market teams transacted 7.3 billion worth of property investment deals whilst our agency and brokerage teams were involved in leasing more than 4.5 million sq ft of office space and around 11 million sq ft of industrial space in the UK alone. We are regarded as the leading firm of retail agents in the UK with one of the largest and strongest dedicated retail teams. In 2007, the UK retail team completed 970 transactions totalling more than 4.1 million sq ft of retail space in high streets, shopping centres and retail parks throughout the UK.
Property consultancy

9 Colmore Row,
B3 2BJ

2 February 2011


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on 24 April 2016

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