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Citywide Drugs Crisis Campaign Ltd feedback

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CityWide works to promote and support a community development approach to the drugs problem - this means involving the people who are most affected by the problem in dealing with the problem - drug users, their families and communities.??CityWide aims to?- develop the capacity of local communities to respond to the drugs problem in their area?- provide ongoing support, facilitation and networking to local groups working on the drugs issue, either in areas already linked in to Citywide or other areas where communities may not be well organised?- campaign and lobby on policy issues in relation to drugs and, as part of this role, to carry out a representative role on behalf of the community sector on policy bodies?- encourage an inter-agency response to the drug problem, including government departments and agencies, trade unions, community and voluntary bodies and agencies.

1 December 2009


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St Patrick s Day on 17 March is celebrated by the irish and irish at Heart in big cities and small t. . read more

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on 13 March 2010

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