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Chester & District Housing Trust feedback

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Chester & District Housing Trust was set up in November 2000 to receive the transfer of over 6,900 properties from the original Chester City Council. As at 1st December 2006 the Trust owns, manages and maintains 6205 homes. Our homes fall in to six neighbourhoods:

Chester City Area; The Rurals; Lache and Handbridge; Blacon North; Blacon South; Upton, Hoole, Newton and Plas Newton

UK locations North West
UK sites 12
Sector Housing associations
Founded 2000
Staff 301
Average age 43
Male : Female 56% / 44%
Earning 35,000+ 6%
Provides work experience? Yes
Social housing

Centurion House, 77 Northgate Street, Chester, Cheshire,

18 November 2010


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on 24 April 2016

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