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Campbell’s saw big success with its continued promotion of its lower-sodium soups, which launched last year, targeted at a health conscious, female consumer. With 85 lower-sodium products already, Campbell’s expects to introduce even more in the next months. A focused marketing campaign that positioned it as an iconic, nutritious, and low-cost meal solution stemmed some of the competition it faces from private label brands. So too did its collaboration with Kraft Singles to promote soup and grilled cheese sandwiches as a wallet-friendly meal using coupon inserts. This year, Campbell’s also struck a rare partnership with the film, The Tale of Desperaux, which created some buzz. The company’s plan to aggressively employ shopper insight data to ultimately connect with and infl uence shopper at point of sale should put Campbell’s in a good position for years to come.

11 August 2010


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on 8 June 2010

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