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Bravissimo is a company that provides a wide choice of lingerie and swimwear in D-KK cup, as well as clothing designed especially for big boobed women so that they can celebrate their curves and feel good about themselves!

Sarah Tremellen set up Bravissimo in 1995 following her own frustrating experiences trying to find pretty bras that fit her. Sarah had been appalled by the lack of choice in her size and was fed up of being offered enormous matronly contraptions more suitable for landing parachutes and being told she could not possibly expect to find gorgeous bras in her size. Adamant that big boobed women like herself deserved a better deal when buying lingerie, Sarah started Bravissimo as a mail order company from her living room.

Today, Bravissimo customers are able to ask themselves ^which bra do I like^ rather than ^what comes in my size^.
Lingerie retailer

Bravissimo Ltd,
PO Box 2622,
Leamington Spa,
CV32 4XA

2 February 2011


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on 18 January 2009

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