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Barnardos New Zealand feedback

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A registered charity for children. Barnados founded by Dr Thomas Barnardo and has its roots in the slums of Londonís East End in 1866. Dr Barnardos Homes for destitute children sought to provide food, shelter and education. The first Barnardos New Zealand programme began in 1972. Today it is an independent organisation that provides many different services to children and their families throughout the country. Continuing in the tradition of Thomas Barnardo, Barnardos aims to ensure that all children get the very best start to life.

Barnardos New Zealand^s vision is to serve children and young people
- Recognising the importance of their families and whanau.
- Offering integrated services, within Barnardos and in community partnerships.
- Providing care and support.
- Providing education and learning opportunities.

2 Armstrong Avenue 4501,
PO Box 1832,
Whangarei 0140

17 October 2010


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