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At its heart, Atkins is a people business. We work hard to provide an environment in which you can flourish and involve you in some of the most challenging, iconic and economically essential projects now underway.

Atkins is one of UK^s leading engineering and design consultancies. We have the depth and breadth of technical expertise to respond to both the complex challenges of major infrastructure projects, and the urgent transition to a low carbon economy. Whether itís the concept for a new skyscraper, the upgrade of a rail network, the modelling of a flood defence system or the improvement of a management process, we plan, design and enable solutions.

Areas of Business
Air Traffic Management
Airports & Ports
Asset Management
Building Design
Building Surveying
Business Continuity
Climate Change
Communication & Systems
Cost & Project Management
Development Infrastructure
Environment Services
Geotechnics & Tunnelling
Intelligent Transport Systems
Landscape & Heritage
Management Consultancy
Rail and Metro
Transport Operations And Safety
Transport Planning
Transport Resilience & Security
Urban Light Transit
Urban Planning
Engineering consultancy

Vauxhall Training Centre
80-84 Bondway
United Kingdom

8 October 2010


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