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Altrincham Grammar School For Girls feedback

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Altrincham Grammar School for Girls (AGGS) is a well established centre for academic excellence both locally and nationally. However, the school is equally proud of its girls\^ involvement and achievements in a whole range of activities including sport, drama, music, debating societies, dance, community service and charity events.

Founded in 1910, Altrincham Grammar School for Girls is proud of its long tradition of academic success, sporting and cultural achievement and caring service to the community.

Today\^s pupils (1250 on roll, including 311 in the sixth form) are encouraged to maintain the highest standards of the past while preparing to play their part in the increasingly technological world of tomorrow. Enjoyment of learning, self-discipline, concern for others and opportunities for leadership lie at the heart of the school\^s ethos. Every girl is valued equally and encouraged to develop her potential to the full

state, girls school, Trafford

Cavendish Road,
Bowdon, Altrincham,
WA14 2NL

23 September 2010


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on 19 April 2016

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